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SPOT Stuff      
Breakout Board for the Sun SPOT system - Fully Assembled

Breakout Board Features

  • 25cm (10-inch) cable included.
  • Five general purpose I/O wire terminals,  RC servo connector and vEx™ servo connectors.
  • Four high-current I/O wire terminals, RC servos connector and vEx™ servo connectors.
  • Four analog I/O wire terminals.
  • Power switch for servo connectors.
  • SW1 and SW2 I/O lines brought to larger switches and wire terminals.
  • RS-232 level converter on digital I/O lines zero and one (compatible with serial comm methods in API).
  • Built-in 4x4 breadboard

University of Malawi, Africa using the Circuit Monkey Breakout board in their water quality project!

"Do more with your Sun SPOTs!!!"

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Compatible with
new Oracle Rev.8 SPOTs*

  * Pin D4 not connected on Rev8 SPOTs

Fully assembled and tested board!

Includes SPOT-to-breakout connector cable. Item: 520-0020-01

It's here! The Breakout Board for the Sun SPOT system! Based on the open sourced version of the revision C board found at https://spot-breakout.dev.java.net. The Sun SPOT features a 20-pin header on the eDemo board that allows interfacing various sensors and actuators. Unfortunately this connector is small and near many delicate parts making it risky to add wires or other components.

The breakout board eliminates the fuss of making use of the I/O signals by providing reliable terminal blocks, RC servo connectors, vEx™ system servo connectors, two large actuation switches and a RS-232 level shifter with DB9 type male connector.

Now you can easily connect virtually anything up to your Sun SPOT system in minutes instead of hours.

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Adobe PDF File Breakout Board User Guide (early draft)
  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. Download it here

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