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SPOT Stuff      
Connector Cable, 20-pin, 10in. (25cm) [pack of 10]


  • 10 inches (25cm) in length.
  • 20-pin plug to 20 pin socket.
  • Flat ribbon cable wire
  • Custom lengths available upon request.

    "Save $$$ on a pack of 10!"

    Item Not Currently Available.
    Item Number: cm-bb-cc-25-x10
    Price: us$52.50
    Shipping:  USA us$6.25 S/H Inside USA
    INTL (us$17.00 S/H Outside USA)
    This cable connects the breakout board to the SPOT.

    One end is a 20-pin IDC style plug that mates with the socket built into the Sun SPOT eDemo board. The other end is a 20-pin IDC style socket that mates with the 20-pin box header on the breakout board.

    UID: 000012