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Potentiometer Board, Right-Angle, 10K, Pin Header Kit

  • Power supply voltage; VCC = 3.3-5V.
  • RobiCon.org compliant (Molex MicroBlade) connector, 4-pin.
  • RobiCon.org compliant board outline and mounting.
  • Board Dimensions: 40mm x 20mm (WxD) 1.57"W x 0.79"D
  • Height and Width varies with potentiometer part used.

  • "Add interactivity to any project!"

    Item Not Currently Available.
    Item Number: 720-0004-01-RA-10K
    Price: us$4.25
    Shipping:  USA us$1.00 S/H Inside USA
    INTL (us$4.00 S/H Outside USA)

    Right-Angle 10K ohm version.

    No connectors soldered.

    Includes 4-pin header, 2-pin header and LED (soldering required).

    Potentiometer board based on the Bourns PTV09 potentiometer. The PTV09 Potentiometer provides convenient analog rotation measurement or setting for a wide variety of applications.

    The signals on the potentiometer board are connected using either wires or the included 0.1" pitch header pins. The board is 40mm x 20mm and features two mounting holes placed 10mm apart at one end of the board. The holes are plated and connected to logic ground and accept screws of size M3 or less ( M3, 6-32, M2.5, 4-40, etc.).

    These alternate potentiometer boards are also available:

  • Right-angle mount, 10K ohms, Board Only
  • Right-angle mount, 10K ohms, RobiCon Cable Bundle
  • Vertical mount, 5K ohms, Board Only
  • Vertical mount, 5K ohms, RobiCon Cable Bundle
  • Vertical mount, 5K ohms, Header Pins Kit

  • For more information download the user's guide.

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