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Reflective Object Sensor X1, Header Pin Kit

  • Power supply voltage; VCC = 5V
  • 4mm range
  • Perfect for limit detection.
  • Operating Current:
  • Up to 30mA with LED operating.
  • RobiCon.org compliant:
  • No connector soldered.
  • Configure the connector any way you like.
  • Board outline and mounting.
  • Dimensions:
  • 30mm x 10mm x 6.8mm (WxDxH)
  • 1.18"W x 0.39"D x 0.27H

  • Item Number: 720-0006-01
    Price: us$3.75
    Shipping:  USA us$2.00 S/H Inside USA
    INTL (us$4.00 S/H Outside USA)

    Header Pin Kit

    Board with no connector soldered. 4-pin Header included (soldering required).

    The reflective-object-sensor (ROS) board is based on the Fairchild QRE1113GR Reflective Object Sensor. The ROS module provides sensing of near objects and/or surface reflection for a wide variety of applications. The sensor incorporates a infrared LED as the reflected light source.

    The ROS modules from Circuit Monkey are available in two models, a single sensor and triple sensor. This single sensor is well suited for applications such as near object sensing, and motion limit sensing. The triple sensor is well suited for line-following. velocity and direction measurement.

    Sensor board kits and bundles are also available:

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  • For more information download the user's guide.

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