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Cable Kit, RobiCon, 2 to 6 pin, 10cm long

Parts List:
  • 6ea. Wire, White, 10cm (L)
  • 6ea. Wire, Yellow, 10cm (L)
  • 6ea. Wire, Green, 10cm (L)
  • 6ea. Wire, Blue, 10cm (L)
  • 6ea. Wire, Red, 10cm (L)
  • 6ea. Wire, Black, 10cm (L)
  • 2ea. Molex 51004-0200, Housing, 2-pin
  • 2ea. Molex 51004-0300, Housing, 3-pin
  • 2ea. Molex 51004-0400, Housing, 4-pin
  • 2ea. Molex 51004-0500, Housing, 5-pin
  • 2ea. Molex 51004-0600, Housing, 6-pin
  • 11-compartment parts organizer

  • "Build your own custom wire harness."

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    Item Number: 720-0008-01
    Price: us$15.95
    Shipping:  USA us$3.50 S/H Inside USA
    INTL (us$8.00 S/H Outside USA)

    Build your own custom RobiCon cables with this cable starter kit. Includes six of each wire color ( white, yellow, green, blue red, black) and two of each 2-pin to 6-pin connector housings.

    Comes in the small 11-compartment parts organizer shown in the photos. And there's plenty of room to add more parts.

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