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Cable, RobiCon, 167cm (5.5ft), 03-pin to USB-A power

  • 3-pin Molex 51004-0300 to USB-A Plug
  • 167cm (5.5ft) cable length
  • RobiCon compliant wire harness.

  • Pin Out
  • 1 - No Connect
  • 2 - +5VDC (Red)
  • 3- Ground (Black)
  • Note: The USB D+/D- data lines are not present.

  • Item Number: 520-1001-01
    Price: us$4.95
    Shipping:  USA us$3.00 S/H Inside USA
    INTL (us$6.00 S/H Outside USA)

    This cable harness lets you power +5VDC via a 3-pin connector into your Nymph or other RobiCon project. Pre-terminated with a Molex 51004-0300 at one end and USB-A plug at the other.

    See pin-out for connections. Pins can be extracted and placed into other pin-count RobiCon-Molex housings as needed.

    Currently for use with our Nymph micro-controller product (PN:500-0011-03).

    UID: 000084