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Digital Temperature Sensor with SPI Interface, 10-bit, with one-shot

  • SPI Compatible Digital Output
  • 2C Accuracy
  • -40C to +125C Measurement Range
  • 10-bit (with Sign) resolution
  • 0.25C resolution increment
  • 1μA or 50μA(max) Low Quiescent Current
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Wide Supply Range
  • RobiCon.org compliant module: C02-AB
  • Operates -55C to 125C (absolute range)

  • "Measure a wide range of temperatures!"

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    Circuit Monkey model 0037 is a SPI compatible temperature sensor available as a RobiCon.org compliant module. The sensor is capable of measuring temperatures range of -40C to +125C to equal or better than 2C of accuracy. The device operates from 2.7V to 5.5V with low supply current requirements.

    The Circuit Monkey temperature sensor (10-bit) uses the Texas Instruments TMP125 chip mounted on a versatile and customizable carrier board. The TMP125 based board features a "One Shot" measurement feature that will put the chip into a 1uA power saving mode after the measurement operation.

    Our board can be customized to fit into a variety of mechanical installations. The basic board measures 40mm long by 20mm wide. We pre-perferated the sensor section of the board to allow three more configurations:

  • Snoot - minimizes the width of the sensor board at the tip
  • Split - adds a thin cable of custom length between the primary connector and the sensor and also features two 3mm mounting holes
  • Micro - same features as Split but with a minimized sensor tip.
  • In addition to board customizations, this board is also available with primary connector options. The standard unit shown here features a 2mm pitch Molex/RobiCon connector but we can alternately solder in a 0.1" pitch single row header (right angle or straight).

    Please contact us for your customization needs.

    12-bit version of this sensor is also available.

    ZIP File Temperature Module 0037 Sample Code
    Adobe PDF File Temperature Module 0037 Data Sheet
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