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USB-Serial TTL Adapter

  • +5V operation (can be delivered as +3.3V)
  • Full-featured USB UART
  • Royalty-Free drivers from FTDI
  • 128 byte receive, 256 byte transmit buffer
  • Unique device serial number in chip
  • TX and RX LEDs
  • Supports 7 or 8 data bits
  • Supports 1 or 2 stop bits
  • Supports odd/even/mark/space/no-parity
  • UHCI/OHCI/EHCI host controller compatible
  • Hackable signal lines: Reset, Sleep, PwrEn, TxdEn, DCD, DSR, RI, RTS, OSCI, OSCO
  • Dimensions: 30mm x 20mm (1.2inch x 0.79inch)
  • Single 3.6mm (0.144in) mounting hole.

  • "Easily add serial to your project!"

    Item Number: 500-0049-01
    Price: us$19.90
    Shipping:  USA us$4.00 S/H Inside USA
    INTL (us$8.00 S/H Outside USA)

    USB to serial UART

    Our Model 0049 board allows you to get a TTL level serial port hooked into your project from your PC's USB connector. Based on the popular FTDI FT232R chip each board has its own factory programmed serial number in the firmware. Our boards come pre-configured for 5V TTL signal levels but can be delivered with 3V TTL levels at no extra charge, just contact us when purchasing.

    The board features a RobiCon compliant 6-pin Molex connector and makes it easy to integrate into your project or system with many different cable options from our catalog.

    The FTDI chip also features transfer rates of 300 baud to 3Mbaud and is capable of interfacing with RS422, RS485 and RS232 interfaces (additional signal leveling electronics required). Profesional users can use the royalty free DLL SW interface drivers from FTDI for full customization.

    The 6-pin connector brings out the RX, TX, DTR(with series capacitor), CTS, +5V USB Power and Ground. All other chip signals (Reset, Sleep, PwrEn, TxdEn, DCD, DSR, RI, RTS, OSCI, OSCO) are available for hacking as labeled solder pads on the bottom of the board (see photo).

    The board features two LEDs. One for Transmit (Blue) and one for Receive (Green).

    Please see the FTDI datasheet for all the features available on this device.

    Recommended Cable Options:

  • 6-pin Molex to female headers, 10cm
  • 6-pin Molex to female headers, 20cm
  • 6-pin Molex to 6-pin Molex, 10cm
  • 6-pin Molex to 6-pin Molex, 20cm
  • 6-pin Molex to 3-pin/2-pin Molex, 10cm (for Nymph and DragonFly)
  • Requires USB-A male to Mini USB B male cable. Not Included!

    Adobe PDF File 0049 USB Serial Adapter Schematic
      You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. Download it here

    UID: 000107