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Blinking Eyes!!! (Out of Stock)

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  • Powered by a 9 volt battery (included).
  • Operated by a 555 timer chip in Astable mode.
  • Assembled from surface mount components.
  • Measures: 1.1-inch x 1.1-inch
  • LEDs are bendable to change their separation distance.

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    Halloween Fun!!!!

    Entertain your trick-or-treaters with one or more of the blinking-eyes board. Place in the bushes, shrubs or dark area to create the effect of a small creature watching you.

    The two LEDs are normally "on" and periodically flick off. The "on" time is adjustable from about 1 second up to 5 seconds. It really does look like something is watching you! The LED spacing can be adjusted to create an effect of creatures of varying size.

    Place three or more in an area to create an even more spectacular effect. Adjust each board to blink at a different rate for a truly eerie experience.

    My 5-year-old nephew played with one for over an hour when we got the first batch built. He really had a blast placing the blinking eyes and pretending that some small animal was hiding in the shadows. Your kids will have a blast with these!!!

    9 volt battery included!

    Educational too! The board is operated by a popular 555 timer chip operating in "astable" mode. The adjustable potentiometer and a capacitor act as a RC time base to determine the 'on' time of the circuit. Once that timer triggers, a discharge event happens through the capacitor and a second resistor (not adjustable) of smaller value to breifly turn ff the LEDs and creating a 'blink' effect. For electronics teachers, this board makes the perfect and inexpensive theory of operation item for classroom use. Available here fully assembled but we can create a partially assembled kit for you as well. Please contact us of you are interested.

    Adobe PDF File Blinking Eyes - Schematic
      You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. Download it here

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