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Thumb Joystick Board with Male Header

  • Power supply voltage; VCC = 3.3-5V.
  • Two axis of control (via potentiometers)
  • Built-in press-to-actuate switch (Normally high with 10K pull-up).
  • 5-pin, 0.1" pitch, male, right-angle header.
  • RobiCon.org compliant board outline and mounting.
  • Board Dimensions: 40mm x 30mm (WxL) 1.18"W x 1.57"L

  • "Add fine X-Y control to your project!"

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    Item Number: 500-0054-01-HDR
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    With Male 0.1" Header
    connector pre-soldered.

    Thumb-type joystick very similar to thumb-sticks inside a PlayStation 3 controller. Built-in actuation button, just press down on the stick.

    The signals on the joystick board are connected using a 5-pin 0.1" header for easy project hookup. The board is 40mm x 30mm and features four mounting holes placed at each corner of the board. Perfect for applications where solid mounting is required. The holes are plated and connected to logic ground and accept screws of size M3 or less ( M3, 6-32, M2.5, 4-40, etc.).

    Recommended cables:

  • 5-pin to female jumpers, 10cm
  • 5-pin to female jumpers, 20cm
  • Also works with Pololu female jumper wires. Made and sold separately by our friends at Pololu.com .

    UID: 000128