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BMG: Wireless Industrial Grade Candle Prop - Rev. B

"Feast Candle" item for BMG client only. Blind your patrons with glorious photons! Electronics and white 3D printed shell only. Flame-shaped tip, fake wax drippings and brass base NOT included.

"If it's wireless, you know it's going to be fun!"

Item Number: BMG-FST-CDL-B
Price: us$75.00
Shipping:  USA us$1.00 S/H Inside USA
INTL (us$60.00 S/H Outside USA)
Lead time is 6 weeks. Please contact us for an accurate estimate of delivery time.

Due to shipping restrictions, international shipments will not include battery. A lithium-iron (LiFePO4) type cell will need to be purchased in the destination country.

UID: 000132